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Facilities Available

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) :

SEM creates images of sample by scanning the surface with a beam of electrons. The electrons interact with atoms in sample, produces signals containing information about the surface  and composition of sample. The electron beam is scanned and the beam’s position is combined with the detected signal to produce an image.. Samples may be observed in high vacuum or low vacuum mode. Magnification in SEM is variable.

Application:Surface imaging and characterization of materials.

Particle Size Analyser:

Application:Particles Size Distribution of Samples in micron range using laser light Scattering


Applications:Particles Size Distribution of Samples in nano range using laser light Scattering  and Zeta Potential measurement.

Wet Grinding Mill:

Application: Particle size reduction using wet milling in liquid formulations like SC, ZW, , ZC, SE etc.

High Shear Mixer:

Application:High shear dispersion in suspensions, emulsions and Wide RPM Range- 500- 8000 RPM.

Screen & Screw Extruder With Spheronizer:

Application: Water Dispersible Granules formulations development.


Applications: Viscosity analysis of Emulsions, Suspensions.

Tablet Machine:

Applications: Development of tablet formulations.

Coil Machine:

Application: development of mosquito Repellant coil.